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The Shaktya e.V. is a charitable organization for international understanding, tolerance and intercultural exchange. The main purpose of the association is to  promote art, culture, education,  international sentiment, tolerance in all areas of culture and the concept of international understanding.


Shaktya e. V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der sich für die Völkerverständigung, Toleranz und interkulturellen Austausch engagiert. Zweck des Vereins ist die Förderung mildtätiger Zwecke, die Förderung der Bildung, die Förderung der Kunst und Kultur und die Förderung internationaler Gesinnung, der Toleranz auf allen Gebieten der Kultur und des Völkerverständigungsgedankens.

Vorstand / Board:
1. Vorsitzender / President
Rajesh Kumar Mishra

Amtsgericht Bremen
VR 7960 HB


    There are no upcoming events at this time.

Painting for Peace

International Peace Fest is a program that brings the different cultures and traditions of the world together. It helps to showcase the essential oneness of all cultures, leading to an awareness of the importance of world peace.

India Fest

India Fest is the festival of the Indian art, culture, tradition, values. Same time strengthen the India- Germany relationship

Divine Fest

Divine fest is a festival of love, joy and happiness. This is a spiritual development program, offering a dynamic mix of Mantras, Meditation, and Music that takes people to a higher spiritual plane and helps them reunite with the Divine within them


  What a wonderful experience it was to perform in Bremen for the India Fest organized so efficiently & beautifully by Shaktya e.V. Tremendous audience- most receptive, enthusiastic & their appreciation that translated itself through a resounding standing ovation- was overwhelming. Kudos to Dr. Rajesh Mishra for being such a  wonderful ambassador of Indian Culture […]

Shovana Narayan

I have give audio support several times to Shaktya e.V., Dr. Mishra and his team at India Fest, Holy Party or dance Workshop. It was always a wonderful work together and a very friendly team. I'm looking forward to the next upcoming events.

Jens Böttcher

On June 19 th , 2017, an Indian cultural festival took place with the support of Shaktya e.V. and Incredible India at the IGS Oyten, which gave the students a lot of opportunities to experience the Indian culture. Some students have had the chance to practice a choreography with the dancer Bhakti Deshpande. The other […]


Dr. Rajesh K. Mishra
Rajni Balla
Minu Kumari
Aniket Chaudhary
Dr. Monika Göckel
Inka Schrader
Devi Vara Prasad