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Painting for Peace (An Initiative of Shaktya e.V.)


Painting for Peace
Every year the September 21st represents the International Day of Peace of the United Nations. Since 2016 Shaktya e.V. from Bremen, Germany organizes an International Peace Festival called Painting for Peace”(An Initiative of Shaktya e.V.). It is a celebration for all ages in which we especially give young people, like children and students, the chance to get active for peace in a very colorful manner. All children will have the opportunity to paint colorful pictures that will be assembled to create canvas pictures. This festival is celebrated in different parts of the world and you are
very welcome to participate..

How can you participate?

Shaktya e.V. invites you to participate at your own venue, which could be a school, a kindergarden, a youth club, university, college, an organization, or what ever feels right. We kindly ask you to:

  • offer a place for the children/students to get together (like a school hall, an art room, etc.),
  • provide working spaces with paper, colors, brushes, and the like, and
  •  create an atmosphere for the children/students to be creative.

In order to spread the message throughout the world we would like to ask you to provide us with:

  •  the number of participants and the age group
  • photos of the event that we can publish online – Please ensure to have relevant authorizations

According to the number of participants we will send you certificates so everyone will be appreciated for his or her work and contribution.

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